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Training Philosophy

          Undoubtedly, your canine companion is more than just a pet; he/she is a special part of the family that provides endless love, support, protection, and entertainment. Training is an integral part to making sure you and your dog learn all the necessary elements to have the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled lives together! At In Command Dog Training, we use the various components of Operant Conditioning and Positive Reinforcement to achieve the desired behaviors in a quick, safe, and fun manner. 

          We offer several different programs to allow you to find which one(s) will  best assist you and your beloved pups in reaching as well as surpassing all of your goals!  Whether it be Private Lessons to involve the entire family, Group lessons for socialization and training with distractions, Rehabilitative training for dogs that have been through a lot in life, or our in depth, all-encompassing Board and Train program, we want to cater to your every need while bringing the highest level of training possible!

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