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Group Dog Training Classes

Are Group Dog Training Classes Right for Your Pet?

Finding the right way to train your pet is a very important part of raising a healthy and happy animal. Yet, many people do not know there are a range of options available. Group dog training classes are one of the most common options and with good reason. Your pet is learning important commands, interacting with other dogs, and he or she is in the middle of distraction. By learning to control their behavior even in these cases, many pets do very well. At In Command Dog Training, we offer a range of options for you to choose from when working with our experienced dog trainer.


What Happens in Group Classes?

Group dog training classes are quite flexible. There are various options available to fit your pet’s needs, such as a puppy class or one for dogs that are just over six months. There are also different levels of training. Your pet can work through each one, learning and growing as they do. With the help of an experienced dog trainer, it is possible to create just the right level of support for your pet.
What will they learn depends on the course you select and the dog’s needs. For example, most dogs will benefit from complete obedience training, an opportunity to work on all of those important commands that your pet needs to know in order to do well. This will include things like how to walk on a leash, how to sit, and how to heel. They will learn commands ranging from “leave it” to “heel” and much more. A complete obedience training program like this is always an important investment for most dogs of any age. It is a way for your pet to learn how to properly control their behavior and how to respect you when you tell them to do something.


Enhancing Their Behavior Further

There are many other ways group dog training classes can help your pet. They can provide a range of tools and insights to support your pet’s healing. At the same time, some pets will benefit from some one-on-one learning as well. For example, many dogs do an excellent job in private classes as well. If you have specific things you want them to learn, such as off leash dog training, that is something our team can incorporate in their training plans as well. All you have to do is to communicate with us what your goals are for your pet so we can create a plan that helps your dog to move forward in his or her education.


Getting Your Pet Started

No matter if you are looking for complete obedience training or you are after off leash dog training, our team at In Command Dog Training has the tools, experience, and passion to help you to achieve these goals. It is important to meet with our team to ensure you are comfortable with our methods. We also want to get to know your animal to know what type of training they may benefit from the most. Many times, group dog training classes are the right fit. We may recommend additional options for some pets, too.

Keep in mind that when you work with our experienced dog trainer, your pet will be very safe and happy. He or she is never punished but is always positively rewarded. Most importantly, they will learn skills during this training program that will ensure your pet has the ability to live his or her best life with you. Let us talk to you about the options available for your pet.

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