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Meet Ian

Lead Dog Trainer & Co-Founder

          Ian Hassman has over 20 years of experience working with and training dogs.  His love for training dogs began early on as a child as he watched his parents handle and train Seeing Eye Dogs. It was very rewarding being able to see the tremendous impact proper training can have, especially for people with special needs. This served as the inspiration that made Ian realize his dream in life is to train dogs and that no matter the case, every dog deserves a chance to be their best!
          Ian spent over 8 years working at the local Humane Society where he became their Lead Trainer of the Behavior Team and went on to earn his Professional Dog Trainer Certificate through Consummate K-9 Dog Training in North Eastern Pennsylvania. He has vast experience in behavioral assessment and has trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs including those with even the most special of needs.  He also has experience in working with dogs used for Bite Work, Search and Rescue training, and Scent Detection work including explosives, narcotics, and human remains.
          Ian has achieved expert level mastery of skills such as puppy rearing, complete obedience training, off-leash training, group class leadership training, handler communication, and client relationship training. 
          Ian has made his life’s work all about improving the lives of the dogs and people in his community.  He is a dog lover at heart and it shows through his work!  Every family and every dog is different and needs individualized techniques.  He hangs his hat on bringing diversity to the training that he offers.  His training methods are very effective, fun, and easy to customize to meet you and your dog’s needs. He personally guarantees his training!

Meet Hass and Mandy


          Hass and Mandy were in search of the perfect family dog that would also serve as an outstanding guard dog and protector. They ultimately decided on a beautiful Blu Cane Corso puppy, Belle. This breed is known for their family loyalty and innate protective instincts however they require a great deal of training and socialization due to their massive size and natural wariness of other people and animals.

          They intensively searched for an expert dog trainer that would be the best fit for their busy lives and that would perfectly train their beloved pup, which led them to Ian. After two weeks at Ian’s Board and Train program, they picked up Belle and were simply blown away by the results. They did excessive research, reading, and asking around to find the best dog trainer in the area and they certainly found him; Ian’s talents are unmatched! He is like a dog whisper. They continued to have on-going training with Ian and developed a great friendship with him.

          Hass and Mandy believed so much in Ian, his work ethic, love for dogs and excellent training skills that they decided to partner with Ian to found In Command Dog Training. Dogs are so much more than just pets, they are beloved members of your family. For Hass and Mandy, being able to work together with such a great person and trainer and help him achieve his dream of training canine companions so they have the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives with you and your family has been absolutely rewarding!

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