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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

           These are one on one lessons with our professional dog trainer. Private lessons are ideal for families in need of more one-on-one attention, families with busy or unpredictable schedules, dogs displaying poor behavior only in the house, and dogs in need of specific behavior training as opposed to complete obedience training.  We find your dog’s trigger(s) for unwanted behaviors, identify the training method your dog responds to the best, and help you achieve all of your goals all while having fun while we do it!  You and your family will learn how to be in command of your dog, instill good manners and self-control, as well as create a mutually loving bond between dog and family/owner.  Private lessons are flexible and versatile, especially if you have a busy schedule, time constraints, and/or cannot attend the group training classes. The lessons can be held in our training space, at your home, at a park, etc. It will allow you and your dog to enjoy the undivided attention of the trainer and to work on specific problem areas. We can teach any dog, no matter the breed, age, or history. We can even provide rehabilitation to aggressive and/or dangerous dogs, shy dogs, or unsocialized dogs. Some of the common behaviors we’ve focused of past clients include aggression, jumping, pulling on the leash, biting/teething/chewing, running away, potty training, barking at people/dogs, rowdy/overexcited, separation anxiety, and guarding/stealing.


$105/hour private lessons; $105/hour for rehabilitation private lessons + $100 assessment

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